Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club Burgee

Corporate regatta program

Take your usual corporate event in a new direction with team sailing, an on-the-water adventure. If you are looking for an economical solution to boost company morale and team productivity, or maybe you don’t have enough time to plan an event yourself and you’re looking for fresh ideas for a fun team building activity, then you’ve come to the right place!

Team Racing

This event features a mini regatta. As with all events, each team is briefed on the dos and don’ts of sailing, and then goes on to harness the exhilarating power of nature. They soon learn that communication is everything on the water, just as it is in the office. All positions on a boat are important – each is integral to the team.

Crew Experience

Crews for regattas fall anywhere in the spectrum of sailing experience. It is more common to have a boat full of complete novices. Each group (3 to 4 members) will live the experience on boats called Sharks 24, a Canadian design perfectly suited for leisure and competition. Each group are invariably provided with a professional skipper, which significantly equalises the field. It is important to emphasise no experience is required and you will have as good a chance of winning as any rival team.

Race Committee

A Race Committee will set the courses and run the racing each day. The RC also acts as an ‘on the water’ jury and will also provide security, if needed. We want everyone to come back on shore for the BBQ. This is where experience is shared and corps spirit takes place.

What is included?

  • Class room information session prior to racing.
  • Experienced skippers for each boat.
  • A Race Committee with safety boats
  • Post race BBQ dinner


Pricing is based on the number of attendees. Minimum size group is 18 maximum size group is 54.

$120 per person for a group of 18

$100 per person for a group 19-36

$90   per person for a group 37-54

Now hurry up and book your team building regatta today, to begin this incredible experience!