Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club Burgee

Cruising Destinations

Many destinations are available to cruisers from the RStLYC. In addition to day trips (see Cruising-sail short distance) and medium length trips towards the Ottawa River and various waterways on the Rideau or the Trent-Severn Canals, cruising boat owners can go to Trois-Rivières, Québec City, the Saguenay and Lower St. Lawrence, or else, go up-stream to the Thousand Islands, Kingston and Lake Ontario.

For those who are looking for a more challenging adventure, it is possible to go to the Chambly Canal and reach Lake Champlain, the Hudson and New-York! Some of our members have gone as far as Florida and the Caribbean on their sail or motor boat!

And if you happen to have lots of time, you can go take the Rideau and the Trent Severn as far as Georgian Bay on Lake Huron. You can even do the Small Loop (Lake Champlain, Canal Erie and Oswego and Lake Ontario) or the Big Loop, counter-clockwise on the St.Lawrence Seaway, Lake Michigan, Illinois Waterways, Mississippi, go around Florida and back along the Atlantic coastal waters! On a sailboat or a motorboat.

The experience of a lifetime!