Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club Burgee

Cruise the Saint Lawrence Association

Created to promote the Saint Lawrence River to international cruise lines, the main mandate of the Association is to enable private and public agencies to benefit from a permanent structure that will allow them to work together on the development and promotion of international cruises on the Saint Lawrence River. Visit the CRUISE THE SAINT LAWRENCE website.

Extract from the Cruise the Saint Lawrence Website - The First Nation called it “the way that walks”. An extraordinary water way that opens up the continent, set in a landscape formed by glaciers, the Saint Lawrence River proposes picturesque fishing villages, urban environments, the spectacular Saguenay Fjord, mysterious islands, imposing cliffs and rustic landscapes. Fed by the Great Lakes, this majestic river flows eastward for over 1200 km along the shores of Montréal, Trois-Rivières and Québec City. From there, the Saint Lawrence widens to form the largest and deepest estuary in the world. In the bay of Tadoussac, salt and freshwater meet to create an ecosystem conducive to marine life. This exceptional site, where whales and other marine mammals live, is protected by the Saguenay-Saint Lawrence Marine Park.