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Junior Race Teams

For children and teenagers like this in the pictures below, keen to advance their sailing skills further and improve their seamanship in diverse conditions and environments, we offer the possibility of joining two junior race teams. This program develops qualities and life skills valuable to a young athlete: teamwork, sportsmanship, fitness, organization, confidence, respect and independence. The Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club has Quebec's best and longest record of training top Canadian sailors.

Optimist Race Team

Club 420 Race Team

29er High Performance Race Team

The Club racing team will concentrate almost exclusively on advanced boat handling and racing techniques. Participants, with their own boats, will be intensively coached in a program that prepares the sailors for competition at a provincial/national level. There will be a fair amount of traveling but the schedule will be established well in advance. An early response by April 1st will help the coaches customize individual goal setting and regatta schedules for all sailors.

Club 420 Race Team 

Two sailors per boat. Advanced boat handling and advanced racing abilities, tactics and major regattas. The program runs training during spring summer and fall.

29er High performance Race team

The high performance team of the yacht club train all year round.  Kids eligible for this program have had an extensive background in racing and have aspirations to qualify for Youth World Championship. For the last 2 years the teams representing Canada in 29er have come from the RSTLYC. This is a bring your own boat program.

Opti Race Team

This option is for the advanced Opti sailor who has completed their Learn to Race program in student-owned boats only. Students are encouraged to enter the program for the whole summer. The program runs spring, summer and fall.

Past accomplishments


Canadian Youth Sailing Championship

Nathan Duffar-Calder RStLYC / Andreas Steinitz

Canadian Championship

Thomas Staples  RStLYC/ William Staples RStLYC

Youth Worlds Team (Gydnia, Poland)

Morgan Kittson RStLYC/ Adrianna Baird RStLYC

Thomas Staples RStLYC/ William Staples RStLYC


Canadian Youth Sailing Championship

Thomas Staples  RStLYC/ William Staples RStLYC

Youth Worlds Team (Corpus Christie, Texas)

Audrey Staples RStLYC/ Caterina Kunz RStLYC

William Bonin  RCYC / Alec Baird RStLYC

For further information on these programs contact:

1350 Lakeshore Drive
Dorval, Quebec H9S 2E3
Tel: (514) 631 2720
Fax: (514) 631 2725

or by email at