Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club Burgee

Learn-to-Sail (Single Handed)

This is a two- week session for complete beginners or for students returning for the second year. The minimum age is 8 as of July 1st and the maximum is 13. The boats are designed for youngsters and we do not recommend anyone entering the Learn-to-sail program if they are over 150 lbs or taller than 5'6". A student is not limited to one session, someone returning for a second session will not have to start at square one again. The CYA Levels White Sail I & II can be achieved in the Opti Learn-to-sail program. The Opti LTS curriculum involves learning the basics, learning to skipper and handle a sailboat and acquiring the essential skills to do it safely. Program limited to 18 students per session per 2-week session. Boats are provided. One child per boat. Eight children per instructor.

  • Introduction to the world of sailing
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Emphasis on safety on the water
  • Rigging a boat
  • Righting a capsized boat
  • Identifying wind direction
  • Sailing a course

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Tel: (514) 631 2720
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