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Shark Program

The Club Shark Program is now ready for club members who have been certified to use the Sharks. Six identically rigged Sharks are available on a first-come first-serve basis. Skippers must sign up at the office one day in advance and have sufficient crew for the weather of the day.

Boats have no running lights and consequently must be back at the dock before sunset.

Sharks can be rigged at the dock only when there is a west wind. When the wind is out of the east, south or north, the boat must be paddled over to the gas dock and rigged. If this is not understood, please call Peter Bjorn at 514-636-6367.
Please bring a cell phone on board in case of a problem. Both the Yacht Club and Coast Guard numbers should be listed onboard.
Tie the boat up and leave it as you found it: i.e. sails rolled up, water sponged out, (sponge on each boat), etc.
Be aware that there is a Shark adult learn-to-sail program Monday through Wednesday from 6:30 to 9:00. The office will know how many boats are needed for the program. Any not needed will be available to be booked.