Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club Burgee

Canadian Open Soling Championships

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  1. Rules

1.1.The Regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS)

1.2.The prescriptions of Sail Canada will apply and will be posted in full on the official Notice Board

  1. Eligibility, Entries, Registration

2.1.The regatta is open to all Solings according to Class Rules Section B – Boat Eligibility and Section C – Conditions for Racing.


  1. Fees

3.1.The entry fee will be $150.00 Can, payable at registration

3.2.Required fee includes boat and trailer parking, launching and hauling as well as BBQ Saturday evening around 6:30 pm at the Halls, 46 Summit Circle, Westmount, Quebec

  1. Schedule

4.1.A team meeting (helmsperson and crew) at 9 am Saturday. Peter Hall will discuss local conditions and boat set-up

4.2.Schedule of Races

Saturday September 30         3 races

Sunday October 1                     2 races

4.3.The scheduled time of the warning signal for the first race Saturday will be at 11:00 am, Sunday will be 10:00 am

4.4.On the last scheduled day of racing, no warning signal will be made after 14:00

  1. Measurement

5.1.Each boat shall have and produce valid measurement and weight certificates in the name of the current owner

  1. Sailing Instructions

6.1.The Sailing Instructions will be available at registration

  1. Venue

7.1.Racing will be conducted on Lake St. Louis, opposite Pointe Claire – approximately a 3 mile sail west of Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club.

  1. Courses

8.1.The courses to be sailed will be windward/leeward with 6 legs (if wind over 10Knots) and 4 legs (if wind under 10 knots)

8.2.The target time for each race is approximately 60 – 75 minutes

  1. Penalty System

9.1.One turn The RRS 44.1 is changed so that the Two-Turns Penalty is replaced by the One-Turn Penalty

  1. Scoring

10.1. Two (2) are required to be completed to constitute a valid championship series.

10.2.The low point scoring system RRS A, will apply, modified so that each series score will be the total of the races scores and the worst score excluded if more than four (4) races are completed.

  1. Haul out Restrictions

11.1.Boats shall not be hauled out during the regatta except with and according to the terms of prior written permission of the race committee. (DP) A crane operator will facilitate launching Saturday morning from 8 – 9 am, and haul out Sunday around 2 pm.

  1. Radio Communication

12.1.Except in an emergency, a boat that is racing shall not make voice or data transmissions and shall not receive voice or data communication that is not available to all boats. (DP)

  1. Prizes

13.1.Prizes will be awarded to the first three teams with a perpetual trophy awarded to the winner

  1. Disclaimer of Liability

Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See RRS4. Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after the regatta

  1. Information

Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club, 1350 Lakeshore Blvd, Dorval Quebec

Phone: 514 631 2720

Robert Karas – General Manager