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This document refers to parking zones A,B,C etc as illustrated in the map below.

ZONE A- East side of Stephens Pier launching ramp. There are 7 places, and the first two should be used to park shorter vehicles.  It is not permitted to park 2 vehicles end to end, for reasons of security, and of interference with launching operations of boats, power or sail, on trailers or dollies. Small sailboat trailers or dollies can only be left on the grassed cordoned areas.

ZONE B- West side of Stephens Pier launching ramp. There are 4 spots: the first is reserved for loading/unloading for a maximum of 15 minutes. The third row can accommodate 2 cars end to end as it is accessible from either end.

ZONE C- Pool road, unpaved. There are a number of spots here which should be used primarily for surrounding area boats. Visitors to the pool should instead use zones D or E.

ZONE D- Along the road leading to Stephens Pier, at the foot of the slope to the pool.  Eight (8) spots for use by Stephens Pier boats, pool visitors or sailors using the dinghy area.

ZONE E- Behind tennis court #3, along the hedge, unpaved.  A number of spots for use by pool visitors and Stephens Pier boat owners particularly for long term parking when boats are out of the harbour overnight.   

ZONE F- Long term storage of boats in litigious situations.

ZONE G- For trailers and boats that will be launched at a later date.

ZONE H- Along the fence, south of electric gate, for inflatable boats on trailers or their trailers when boats are in use.

ZONE I- North of tennis courts #1 and #2, unpaved: numerous spots for general use.

ZONE J- In front of clubhouse, paved:  numerous spots, for general use.

ZONE K- South end of the East yard: parking reserved for the sailing school.

ZONE L- Main portion of East yard, unpaved: for general use.
Parking around the club is always at your own risk.  Caution should therefore be taken around boats and equipment.

Please note that where there are demarcation lines, your vehicle should be parked within them in order to permit safe passage behind your vehicle.

For all parking zones situated inside of the security gates, there is nighttime camera surveillance except for zones I and J.

All visitors must only park outside of the electric gates, i.e. in zones I or J. All zones inside these gates are reserved for members only.