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Shark Program

Shark Program 

The Club makes available six identically-rigged Sharks (24-ft keelboats) at no charge to registered and qualified members on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Club Sharks can be sailed for pleasure as well as in club races. Skippers must be certified to use the Sharks, sign up at least one day in advance on-line to reserve a boat and have sufficient crew for the weather of the day.

Certification is a 2-stage process:

First, the 2019 Shark User Agreement must be signed and returned to the Club office (each year) in order for your name to be entered into the Roster of potential users. All prior signed agreements are void. You can access this new form here (copy and paste in your browser, if necessary): link

Next, if you are not already an approved user, you will need to be vetted in order to be considered eligible to use the Sharks. Please contact the office to arrange for your skipper certification.

The Shark’s reservation system is located in the “Members Only” section of the Club’s website.  

To access this area –

Log in with your member ID and password on the Clubs website

Once logged in click on “Home”, then “Reservations” and then “Shark reservations”

Once approved, your name will be entered into the 2019 Shark User Roster. The Roster will be used by club staff to validate all requests to reserve and use the Sharks.

Upon reserving, you will receive an email confirming the time and date of your reservation.

You must sign-in to the Shark logbook prior to your departure and, as well, sign-out upon your return, documenting any observations you have made of the condition of and/or damage to the boat before and after your use. The logbook will be kept by the office or in the bar.

The Sharks are secured to the dock and members must obtain the appropriate key to unlock them and, upon return, to relock them. This is managed by the office or, if it is closed, by the bar, if it is open. If neither of these resources is available, and if you have not made prior arrangements to secure a key for your registered time of use, the Sharks may not be used.

When relocking the Sharks, the cable must be inserted only 6-8” into the locking mechanism and the key must be turned to the “LOCK” position. Do not over-tighten the cable. The cable must have sufficient slack to allow for movement of the boat.


  • Because there are no motors or navigation lights on the Club Sharks, they can only be sailed from dawn to dusk, and in appropriate weather conditions, i.e. winds under 18 knots.
  • Sharks can be rigged at the dock only when there is a west wind. When the wind is out of the east, south or north, the boat must be paddled over to the fuel dock and rigged.
  • You must bring a cell phone on board in case you run into a problem. The Coast Guard numbers are listed onboard.

Tie the boat up and leave it as you found it: i.e. sails dried and rolled up, water sponged out of the bilge, etc., then sign out of the Shark logbook confirming the boat’s condition when you left it, leaving the key with the bar or office. If neither the office or bar are open, please deposit the key in the office mail slot.

Failure to complete the logbook and return the key will result in your removal from the Shark User Roster.