A tradition dating back more than 100 years at our Club, Sailpast marks the official start to the ''on the water'' season. It's expected that as many of our power boats, sailboats and dinghies as possible will participate and take this opportunity to pay tribute to our Commodore. 



To add color to this celebration, you are encouraged to dress your ship:

The Commodore will be standing at anchor aboard his yacht (the Flagship), to receive your salute. He will be accompanied by the race committee boat that will fly the warning flags and sound the signals.

Before and after saluting, please ensure to stay north of the Commodore's boat to allow for photographing opportunities.

Dress is all whites, with blazers as an option. Members yachts should fly the Canadian Flag from the stern staff and the Club Burgee from the bow or masthead.


Saluting yachts should leave the Flagship to starboard 50 ft. abeam.

  1. After passing the race committee boat, line up the crew, on the foredeck if possible. (The best appearance is in order of increasing height from the bow.)
  2. Two boat lengths from the Flagship, your ship's company comes to attention. Dinghy skippers should stand, weather permitting.
  3. As your bow comes in line with the Flagship's Canadian flag
    1. The skipper salutes only if wearing a Flag officer's cap.
    2. Lower your Canadian flag, or furl it if flown from the transom.
    3. (no Canadian flag? - luff the jib).
  4. The Commodore will salute.
  5. Two boat lengths past the Flagship, end salute, raise/unfurl Canadian flag and the ship's company should come to be at ease.
  6. Return to the harbour and dress ship, or sail around and enjoy the sights while keeping well clear of the saluting area.