Friday Fun Races

It's the ideal way to forget the concerns of your busy workweek: relax and enjoy the simple pleasure of a fun race with family or friends. Our fun races are really social events in the guise of racing.

Every Friday night we meet on the front lawn between 5:30 and 5:45 before heading out to start at approximately 6:30pm.  If the weather is bad or threatening we don't usually go out.

To keep everything fun, there are a couple of ground rules:

After-racing mingling is as important as the sailing.  The group usually meets up on the patio for the Friday Night BBQ or there is an informal raft-up party anchoring near the finish line.

Hard core racing boats are welcome provided that it is helmed by a crew member and not the regular skipper!

Absolutely no racing experience is needed to join in the fun. New members are especially welcome. 

So get ready for some good times and join the fun race gang.

First night of Fun Races: the last Friday in May.